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Beth Hoeckel

These gently apocalyptic images are mixed media collages by artist Beth Hoeckel. The dreamlike quality draws you into another world of a futuristic past. An impression of the future reflecting on a bygone era. A 1950’s futurism study.

They are brilliantly entising, you wonder about the situation, the story behind the collated image.

As though you have jumped into a famous five or secret seven story, but way better.

All images from her website here.

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this is miyazaki rain, which means that every frame was hand-drawn.

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this is miyazaki rain, which means that every frame was hand-drawn.

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Happy 77th Birthday Jack Nicholson!  |  April 22, 1937

Interviewer: What were the highlights of your life?

Jack: The first screening of Easy Rider in Cannes, because I had been there before sneaking around. When I was sitting in the screening I realized that I was actually going to be a movie star. When I was over there I was pretty much already thinking about directing because I had been doing movies for 10 or 12 years by then. And everybody said I was good, but being known and not having a big film success is almost tougher than being completely new. It just kind of turned my life around and was definitely a highlight.

Interviewer: Do you ever get that same buzz now?

Jack: When they say I’m a great actor, I close my ears because it’s not good for you to think that way.

Interviewer: You seem pretty confident though.

Jack: Well, you know, I put on a good show.

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Naomi Campbell at Versace S/S 1998, Menswear.

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